Review Web Host – How To Pick The Best Web Host Company

If you are looking for a web host company, there are many companies out there on the Internet, so it can be a hard decision.

In this article, I won’t mention any specific companies but rather what you should know before you sign up for Web host company.

So here is the list:

1. Look for a 30 day money back guarantee. Most web hosting companies should have a 30 day money back guarantee policy. You should look for this, because if you are not satisfied with the company you can get your money back.

2. Look for non-contract deals. If the Web Host company tells you that you need to pay for whole year up front, hen you should not do business with them.

You can save yourself some money by signing up for the whole year up front, but they should also have a plan where you can pay month by month.

3. Look and see if the Web host company have been in business for a while (at least 4 years). It is very easy to start up a web host company and they come and go.

What you don’t want to do is wake up one morning and find that your website is gone because your web host company ran out of business.

4. Make sure the Web host company have contact number on their website. The contact and support numbers should be toll-free, so you can get immediate technical supports in case you run into a problem.

Ways to Review Web Hosting Services

There are many websites that review different website hosting services and their packages. Most of the times the reviewers on those websites are the clients and customers of the internet site hosting service providers who provide honest opinions of their experiences with those hosting services. While this is a great way to know about the hosting services as the people who have utilized their services are the best judges, another great way of judging different site hosting services is that you read the reviews of the web hosting services by professionals of the World Wide Web, particularly those who are in or related to the website arena. Recognizing this, there are some website hosting service reviewing websites who hire professionals from the website hosting field to professionally review different hosting services so that their visitors can know of the experts’ opinions as well.

Both types of hosting reviewing websites are without a doubt a great resource for businesses, professionals, and individuals to get an idea about different internet website hosting service providers and make best decisions for their website projects accordingly. An another way of judging different site hosting services can be that people looking for hosting services get as much knowledge as they can about those things that all or most good quality, customer caring website hosting service providers have in common. The advantages of this are sure to be far reaching as website owners will be better equipped with dealing all sorts of internet site hosting providers, particularly website owners will be able to instantly recognize if they come across with the web hosting providers whose services are not up to the mark.

The aim of this article is to share some of the things that all or most good quality hosting service providers have in common so that you can be able to review different hosting services yourself. Let’s have a look at those common things and know a little about them:

Web Hosting Packages:

There are a few, but comprehensive website packages rather than many packages that confuse website owners/leaders.

Monthly Payment Option:

A reliable site hosting service should be able to offer monthly payment option for those who would like to pay web hosting service charges on a monthly basis.

24/7 Support:

This is obligatory. You have all rights to ignoring those services that do not offer 24/7 support.

Unlimited Sub Domains and Parked Domains:

It has been observed that not all good hosting providers offer unlimited sub domains and parked domains, but some do. You get the idea about what you should do.

Above are just some of the things that dependable services have in common, but they are enough to help you recognize a good, reliable website hosting service.

iPage Review – Web Hosting

Hosting is one of those products where you have thousands of options, and you never know which to choose. I struck it lucky though when I found iPage and I’ve stuck with it ever since because it’s simply the best value around. iPage offers a variety of web hosting that allows you to create your own website with ease, and customize it as much as you’d like, and their support is tough to beat. Price: $3.50

When I started my first website for my new business, I was nearly new to the web, and iPage’s easy site builder served me amicably in getting my site to look good quickly. Fifteen years later, I’ve advanced, and iPage has scaled nicely with me, which is impressive for such a cheap web host.

They have the best hosting support I’ve tried (I use three different hosts for different things, but iPage takes the cake), and their hosting is often more reliable than my other main host, Godaddy. I don’t take spending money lightly, but thankfully iPage offers a money-back guarantee (which I have never had to use) so I never even hesitated in trying them. iPage’s support, reliability, and ease-of-use make them one of the best web hosts out there for small businesses, and I’ve never looked back since I started hosting with them.

iPage Review


Reliably Fast Hosting:

iPage has been more reliable for me than GoDaddy, and my sites are consistently decently fast, which is more than you get from many web hosts.

Simple Pricing Structure:

The pricing structure for iPage couldn’t be easier to manage. One price. There’s no deciding between three different hosting plans that all seem similar, because iPage has simplified it, and what they’re offering is a pretty good deal too.

Great Support:

iPage support technicians are from the good old USA (or at least this continent) and they’re friendly 24/7. They probably have the best support for their price out of any web host around, and that simplified product line means that every agent only has to support one product, and they know it inside and out.

Money Back Guarantee:

It’s a small gesture offering a 100% Money back Guarantee, but it’s a nice security net, and I like having it just in case.


Limited Options For Scalability Beyond A Certain Point:

iPage sticks to what they’re good at- basic web hosting. If your website grows large enough that you’d like a virtual private server, or dedicated server (a very large site- but it happens) you’ll have to move elsewhere because iPage only offers one form of web hosting. It’s cheap web hosting because they keep their product line simple and easy to manage. If your website is very large, this may be a concern down the line.

In several years, my website has only been down twice, compared to an average of twice a year on GoDaddy, and both issues were resolved quickly. Whenever I have a tech question, the support team is there, and I have yet to run into anything less than unlimited on storage and bandwidth. There’s a limit somewhere, but I haven’t hit it. Their sitebuilder is excellent for beginners, but they still offer WordPress and other apps just like any larger web host. It’s not the best hosting money can buy, but for the price, or even if they raised the price, it would be a great value, and I’m very happy with iPage Hosting.

Go Daddy Hosting Review – Web Hosting at Its Best

Web hosting is an integral part of every business success basically a good company can do magic for your web site to draw more traffic and increased visibility to the potential clients and customers online. When you speak about web hosting at its best, Go Daddy hosting can make the best out of your website. More and more amazing Go daddy hosting reviews have been posted signifying unmatched performance in web hosting services.

Why Go Daddy?

Go Daddy is one of the most recognized hosting companies in the Internet today because of its incredible web services like domain name registration, hosting plans and enhancements, email plans and enhancements and website enhancements. Go Daddy hosting plans can serve the varying needs of the users whether you are just starting out a small business online or a professional internet marketer, Go Daddy has the right solutions for you.

They are regarded as the world’s largest web hosting provider because of affordability, reliable service, great features offered like guaranteed high uptime of 99.9%, unlimited hosting and a 24/7 customer support. When you navigate to their site you can actually see and verify that the price is far off better than any other companies you can named for.

Go Daddy hosting reviews speak about quality service that can truly give more value to your investment. They offered a variety of hosting products that can help promote your website, attract more traffic thus giving you higher sales percentage as what all businesses are aiming for. In terms of customer and technical support, they have the best team to handle whatever problems you encounter in your website. So if you are looking for web hosting at its best you can fully depend on Go Daddy.

XSitePro Review – Web Site Design Software You Need to Succeed

XSitePro is in a class of its own in terms of web site creation software designed purely with internet marketers in mind. In this XSitePro review I will show you how it can benefit your online business and take your search engine presence and on-page conversions and sales to levels you thought were impossible. There are also some lesser known powerful features which I am going to show you how to get the most out of, and some limitations you should be aware of.

The Problem With Website Design Software?

Xsite pro is user-friendly web site design software which was made exclusively for internet marketers. Its creator Paul Smithson realised there was seriously limited options for internet marketers looking to create SEO and conversion friendly websites on the fly. I mean seriously – would you be happy spending 30 hours to learn dreamweaver and then another 10 hours just to create the most basic home page? It was insane, and the latest version of XSitePro is the culmination of over 5 years of testing and experimenting to give you the most powerful web site building software available.

Key Features Of XSitePro 2

Here are some of the key features of XSitePro version 2:

Completely Automated Site Creation

XSitePro is 100% user friendly and completely automates the process of creating quality websites. You don’t need any knowledge of html to use XSitePro – however it will not hurt if you do understand some basic coding

Hundreds Of Built In Web Site Templates

Web site templates are worth their weight in gold, and XSitePro version 2 comes with hundreds built into the software. Further to this there is an additional piece of software called XHeader which allows you to quickly create professional headers (something which is not easy and costly to do) and eliminates the need to source a graphic designer.

Automated Navigation & Internal Linking

As you create your web pages XSitePro automatically creates your navigation menus and links all pages in the most SEO friendly fashion possible. Of course you have complete control over this as well, and can fully customise this to the needs of your site.

SEO Analysis Tool

This is one of those lesser known features of Xsite pro – and its something that people charge hundreds of dollars for. The software comes complete with its on inbuilt SEO tool which will tell you the exact on-page changes you need to make to ensure your site ranks as well as possible for your targeted keywords.

Content Publisher Scheduler

The key to ensuring your website continually ranks well in the search engines is the ability to create and publish content gradually over time. This powerful feature allows you to create all your content upfront – then select the exact dates you want the software to publish the pages. The end result is your site grows steadily and gets maximum reward from Google. Again there are some products out there which charge $50 – $100 for this feature alone.

Limitations Of XSitePro

This would not be a fair XSitePro review without mentioning the limitations – and yeah there are a few. Firstly if you do have HTML coding experience then you might find the coding a little clumsy – there is a source tab which you can edit the HTML in but it is somewhat limited. This is the flipside of having automated website software- for the majority this will not be an issue however. Another drawback is that the software does not interface with any blog or CMS systems such as WordPress. Again this is not major as the software really does everything a decent CMS or blog software could do.


XSitePro was designed specifically for internet marketers and for people looking to make money from their online businesses. I don’t think its going to be the ideal solution if you are a serious web designer looking to create complex flash sites for example. What it will do is take the pain and time out of creating SEO and conversion friendly websites designed to make you money.